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“Clear lines meeting the regular street life is my home turf. Imagine the perfect symmetries of modern architecture, perfectly lined and lighted up and in the middle of this picture stands an elderly lady selling food in the streets of Hong Kong. That’s what my lens is craving for.”

Luca is all about such contrast. Born and raised in Zurich, a relatively small town compared to the world stage, it has fairly quickly drawn him out into the big cities to Asia. From Bangkok, Hong Kong to Myanmar and Taiwan. 

Coming from a smaller town maybe explains his eye to the detail. He’s been interested in photography ever since. However, only started to pursue his passion in Spring 2019. His talent and hunger for perfection in his pictures finds its roots in his education and profession.

Luca started off as an apprentice in graphics and design and has ever since, for over a decade, worked in the field of marketing. When having asked him where he wants his journey to go he had a pretty clear view. 

Discovering the world, specifically more of Asia, and telling the stories of the beautiful, modern, impressive, welcoming but also rough places through his lenses.

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